Company Profile

Company Objective

  1. Our water vending business established in year 2005.
  2. The company objective is committed to delivering high quality water to all Malaysians with special focus on health benefits, at the same time to categories the parameters for water quality are determined by the intended use. Work in the area of water quality tends to be focused on water that is treated for human consumption or in the environment.
  3. Our rule is to ensure the important to take measures to make available water of desirable quality at the consumer end. That leads to protection of the treated water during conveyance and distribution after treatment. It is common practice to have residual disinfectants in the treated water in order to kill any bacteriological contamination.
  4. Our vending system is catering to the sophisticated taste preference of our consumers. We constantly improving our processes across servicing & value added systems.
  5. We supply the best quality Water Vending Machine. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty.


The Benefits

Consumer concerns about drinking water contaminants and aesthetics partially explains the increased demands for alternatives to tap water such as bottled water or water from a vending machine. Media hype about contaminants and aggressive marketing by some bottled water companies also plays a role.

  1. One of the important facilities for workers/resident/health concern users which able to enjoy clean water, free from virus and bacteria, pure, fresh, good to drink immediately without water boiling request.
  2. Maintenance free from the resident/guest and as well as the premise’s Management which the machine will be serviced by our qualify team every week.
  3. The filtration system can treat for a variety of contaminants including:
  • Aluminum, Arsenic, Asbestos, Atrazine, Benzene, Chlorides, Chlorine, Copper, Cryptosporidium, Cyanide, Fluoride, Giardia, Lead, Mercury, Nitrates, Radium, Radon, Silver, Sodium, Sulfide, Trichloroethylene, and Total Trihalomethanes.

Additionally, using our purified water in household appliances such as steam irons and humidifiers can keep them working longer and more efficiently.

  1. Our machine working 24 hours non-stop operation, user friendly design and operation, with the most convenient & economical rate.


SIRIM Approval

Our machines is certified & tested by SIRIM.

cert1   cert2

 Maintenance Control (SIRIM Requirement)

  1. Fresh Drink Solution is strictly followed SIRIM requirement and all machines have to be provided routine service within 3 weeks
  2. The “Maintenance Sticker” will be paste on the machine which visible for customer/machine’s user, as well as to be notified when is the last and next serviced.